~Something New, Something Sweet~

March 27, 2013

How adorable are is this couple<3

Dear Loves..

Sorry again for the delay on these posts. I’ve been swamped with many different projects that are in the making. Anyhow.. today’s inspiration comes from my random sweet tooth splurge for something and anything sweet. And what better way to incorporate something sweet in your wedding than the wedding cake itself right?

So many brides today are stepping out of the traditional wedding ideas and jumping into a more modern outlook on their grand day. Instead of the usual 3 or 4 tier wedding cakes with flowers flowing all around the display, some brides have turned to the ideas of CAKE POPS and or CUPCAKES. 

A wedding cake normally is designed and created to fit the theme of the wedding with matching colors and or matching accessories. Some brides go as far as matching their cakes with their wedding dress which is, in my option, a really elegant way of displaying your sweets with a bold statement.

aime by intuzuri

Image provided by Intuzuri; wedding gown – Aimee by Intuzuri

(How lovely is that photo?? Check out Intuzuri for more Wedding Gowns)

Cake pops began popping not too long ago and have then became such a modern trend for not just weddings but for other special occasions as well. It’s a great way to provide your audience with the same amount of servings to everyone and of course a great way to control your sugar intake ~_^. Not to mention how cute they are also.


These were found in a Cake Pop Creations book.

Cupcakes on the other hand made its debut a few years back with the help of a few Celebrity couples who tied the knot with cupcake wedding cake displays. Carrie Underwood to name just one of the few celebrities had cupcakes for her guests and left the top of the cake all to herself with her hubby.

carrie underwoods cake


Cupcakes are another way to keep things sweet and simple without taking so much attention away from the newly wed couple. It’s just another way brides are modernizing weddings today. No slicing? That’s quite alright.. because both cake pops and cupcakes are so small, the bride and groom can easily grab a piece of the sweets and simply feed each other like they would with a traditional tiered cake.





I think these cute displays make such grand statement to the audience, they’ll leave remembering being served a different type of sweets. So whether you like the traditional tiered blossomed cakes or the modern ready to served cakes, your wedding cake is just the cherry on top to you wedding day.

Happy Baking 🙂




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