Equal rights = Equal Love

March 28, 2013
Equal rights = Equal Love
Equal rights = Equal Love by bchhuor on Polyvore
Dear Loves,
So I know I’m a bit late on this equal marriage memo that’s been spreading around all of every social media we can think of. But its never too late to still support such a cause as this right? Lets take a moment away from all the fun and creative stuff and focus on something important:
We live in a world where traditional and religious values are sacred and if it were ever crossed, a wave of judgments would instantly fill the room.  We, Americans, live in a society where we were given the right to express OUR rights and OUR speech and we are given the chance to be the voices of our governments and not the governments voices over WE THE PEOPLE.
“Marriage is the unity of a MAN and a WOMEN, not a MAN and a MAN, or a WOMAN and a WOMAN”
“Marriage… the unity of a MAN and a WOMAN .. rearing of children with in a family…”
“Divorce rate are already at its height, allowing same sex marriage would only further increase the divorce rates..”
“Gay Marriage can potentially lead to polygamous, incestuous, bestial, and other nontraditional relationships…”
The words of our government… ladies and gents. 
If we are given so much freedom, then why are we still battling the thought of equal marriage?
A marriage is between two people who vow to be together “til death do us part”, who will love each other through thick and thin. Yes a man and woman do obviously make beautifully, blessed children, however with so many cases of abortion and or adoption,  these children that are being brought into the world at a the wrong time should be given a chance to live and be with a loving family no matter what type of marriage it may be. There are many cases of couples not being able to conceive children and many more cases of young women giving up their children due to certain situations. Why not give those children a chance to live and a chance for those couples wanting a child (who cannot conceive or are in same sex relationship) a chance to start a family? Then everyone would win in such a situation right?
No, instead we like to make things more complicated than it already is. Adopting a child isn’t just a walk in the park, although it never was in the past, but the process has become more of a difficult than what it was 20 years ago. With more rules and regulations, a typical adoption process can take up to a year or even 2 years to be approved. The process of adoption for a same-sex couple is much more difficult due to the marriage rights and how society will see the child’s situation in their future. And then everything goes back to square one.
Divorce rates in America is extremely high because many couple find themselves falling out of love for one another thus leading to separations and cheaters. That is not something our government cannot control.. divorces are caused by wrong decisions and actions. So many people are blinded by love and are lured into lust quicker than a waterfall.. (haha I couldn’t think of a clever analogy). That again is out of our control but to add same sex marriage to the divorce rate we face isn’t fair since same sex marriage is not yet legalized in many states. Statistically it has not yet been proven that same sex marriage can and will increase divorce rates. If we can all be in a relationship full of trust and love, divorce rates wouldn’t be as high as it is right now. But that’s a whole different story…
“God created us all equally…”
If God created us equally, then why is same- sex marriage still an ongoing question? Gay couples are no different from straight couples. WE all have something in common, LOVE. We love each other because they are our better half and they are who completes us. Granted years ago, certain diseases aroused due to gay sex but that has all changed with the technology that we have and the scientific research that has been done. That still should not stop someone from finding love in all the right places. If we were created equally, then why are we treated differently? Yes we were raised in a traditional family with a mother and a father, but how we feel and think is based on our own actions. We cannot control how we feel and how we see things.. some people may be able to do that, but for others.. other people chose to not live in denial.
On my final thoughts about SAME-SEX MARRIAGE:
We were always taught as a child, never to judge a book by its cover.. why are we judging?? Why are we segregating Gays and Lesbians when we, as citizens, are given more rights than any other country in the world. How can you strip someones love away from them without knowing who they are and where they come from. We all have stories to tell and our stories leads us to who we are today.
Happy Equal Loving,




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