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~.~ Wedding Nail Art ~.~

March 3, 2013
wedding nail0

Pinterest 🙂

Dear Loves, 

Today’s inspiration comes from FINGER NAILS!! I was watching Juno the other day and as the doctors office scene with the nerdy Asian girl came on screaming “babies have FINGER NAILS!! I laughed (that girl is so cute haha) and thought about Brides getting their nails done. Lets face it.. Nail Art is the newest and biggest trend in the fashion industry. This new trend is now being show cased by young teenagers to even A- List Celebrities.. we all want to be like those celebs right?? Back in my days.. (about 5 years ago haha) solid one colored fingers was the way to go then sooner and not one minute later did the Art of Nail become the new “Must Try- Must Have” trend.

Most Brides then and even today will opt for the traditional French Manicure with or without acrylics which is fine considering how clean and natural it appears. With such neutral/close to natural colors, this style can be used versatility in the professional world, casually and even formal setting. Photogenically speaking that particular style/trend photographs well in any and most occasions especially when it comes to those special moments.

wedding nail8


However, like today’s Fashion Trend, the attention to detail has become more critical to the more aware audience. Many young fashionista’s are stepping outside the box and daring themselves to create something bold not in their fashion but with their nails as well and to top it off.. even the A-Listers are also attending to the growing trend with crazy Nail Art.

Question is.. DO YOU DARE TO WEAR..



  Diamonds on yours Ring Fingers?

wedding nail9


Glitter above your cuticles??

wedding nail6


Diamonds all over??

wedding nail7

Over the top Finger Art?

wedding nail5


Bows? (these are actually really cute:) )

wedding nail3


Diamonds with Lace?

wedding nail2


Or maybe even Pearls?? (this is adorbs too <3)

Whichever one you choose to do.. just make sure, ladies, to always get your nails done before the big day.. You really don’t want to look back at your wedding pictures 20 years from now and realize how unattractive your nails were right?? I personally think its a great idea to step outside the box with these Nail Art ideas, who knows.. years from now, this trend may have faded thus possibly allowing generation Z to bring back the trend WE all started.

My Favorite??

wedding nail

Pinterest.. MINE.. ALL MINE!! ❤

I’m totally in love with this creation… I’m so determined to find an artist to mimic this exact design on my one finger 🙂 I love love love this look.. its all over my phone, wallpaper, laptop, my mind.. haha!! How gorgeous, pretty, sick, beautiful is that FINGER?? 🙂

BE BOLD, UNIQUE, AND DIFFERENT from the average Bride:)

Happy Nail Artistry,