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Candlelight Romance

January 29, 2013

Candlelight Centerpiece

Dear Loves,

Happy Monday to all. It’s January 28 in Sunny California..Took the weekend off for some downtime and so should you. ­čÖé ┬áToday’s inspiration comes from the Bridal Show that I worked at this weekend at the Hilton Hotel in Ontario. Some people say they would never work weekends cause that’s they’re relax, veg out days but I say, if its something worth waking up to, I’m DOWN! and this I was totally down for. Just in case you didn’t know, to all the brides who live in Southern California, once to twice a month, there is always a Bridal Show located in different Hotels or Convention Centers. If you or you know a bride who needs extra inspiration, help, or fun, come out to the Bridal Shows near you and come see whats new, gorgeous and the latest wedding trends. You also get to experience a wedding gown fashion show, free tastings and giveaways. It’s always fun to see whats going on in the wedding world with other brides just like you.

Anyways back on track… currently I am working at a Wedding/Event planning group and our booth, for some great reason, received the most compliments and votes despite how crammed the entire event was. (It was crammed in a good way of course.. brides + entourage + fashion show + 32 different booths to choose from.. go figure.. ). After talking to these brides and seeing and hearing what they were looking for, they all complimented on the centerpiece that was displayed on our table. (The photo above is the centerpiece that we created for the expo). Many brides now are leaning towards this candlelight centerpiece look/style. This creative creation alone speaks for itself.. don’t you agree??

Flashback with me for a minute..

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