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What’s Your Shape?

April 22, 2013
Whats Your Fit?
Whats Your Fit? by bchhuor featuring beaded wedding gowns
Dear Loves,
I’m back after a few weeks off. It’s always nice to take some time away from your daily life and snap into the outside world.
Anyhow, during my time away, I hung out with some friends and we somehow ended up talking about weddings and wedding dresses and more wedding ideas. But our main topic was the wedding dress. One of my girlfriends asked.. “how do you know what dress fits your body type? There’s so many selections out there, how do you know which ones to pick and choose from?”
I’ve noticed many brides tend to have the same wedding dress issues concerning which style best matches their figure. We’re all created differently but we each have our own flattering curves to show off on our day.. its just a matter of how you show it off. Most brides to be already have an idea of what dress they’ll be strutting down the aisle but to those who have little to no clue.. don’t you worry child.. this post is directed towards you.. and of course to all the future brides out there.
So.. before we get into which style best matches your body type, lets first figure out what your body shape is. There are 4 different body shapes in a woman’s figure:
1. Straight/ Petite Figures (No shape whatsoever.. boyish figure)
2. Apple Shaped Figures (Ladies with knockers)
3. Pear Shape Figures (Ladies with hips that don’t lie)
4. The Hourglass Figures (A mix of both Apples and Pears with very tiny waist)
So once you’ve identified your shape, figuring out your PERFECT DRESS is that much easier.
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Wedding Dresses Vol.2

March 13, 2013


Dear Loves, 

So I’ve been doing a ton of wedding business lately and hopefully this craziness continues. Can I just say how blessed I am to be working in an industry that I absolutely love. Creating a sketched imagination and bringing it altogether for a couples new beginning is the best gift I can give back to someone who truly trusted me with their big day.

Anyhow. this post is going to be really short with mainly just pictures. I’ve been going to bridal shows and meeting new brides and vendors and I’ve seen and came across many new ideas. The latest one that I attended was in Santa Monica on a hotel Penthouse. Such a great view to be working with. Anyhow there was a fashion show that was incorporated into the bridal show itself and these dresses were AMAZING!!! The trend at this bridal show was backless and again LACE!!!

So, here are pictures up front and personal for you to fall in love with!!!










Happy Dress up ❤