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Pucker Those Lips <3

March 4, 2013

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Dear Loves, 

Ok so today I’m doing something kinda different but still in the same subject of weddings!! It’ll be a shorter post but nonetheless a post 🙂 …

So I’m a huge fan of Michelle Phan, we all know who she is right?? If you don’t, youtube her..she made a name for her self on Youtube and became one of the biggest makeup marketers out there. Shes an amazing makeup artist who can basically transform herself into any looks she wants with just make up. Shes so amazing… you need to check out her page on youtube cause its AMAZING!!!

Anyways.. today’s inspiration comes from puckered LIPS!!  Yup.. I bet we all have makeup from last year that is used maybe a few times if not..never.. hahah.. don’t lie!! Like buying lip shades we thought we’d like and wear but end up having second thoughts about.. yeah lets play with those leftover lip sticks.

So Michelle had this brilliant idea of mixing two lipstick shades together to create something new of your own. Its a super fast, fun, and an interesting DIY project Brides can use and do for their wedding day. Especially if they are particular about their makeup.  So here are the tools you’ll need..

1.2 different lip colors

2. a spoon

3. 1 toothpick

4. any empty case (contact case works too)

I used an empty chapstick case that I just finished.

5. a lighter


Step 1: Take your toothpick and shave off an amount from both lipsticks onto the spoon like so..


Step 2: Take the lighter an melt the two colors together from below the spoon.. (not the top or you’ll burn them..)

Its pretty cool watching it melt together cause of the colors mixing together. Kinda pretty too haha:).


Step 3. Once it is completely melted, take your toothpick and mix the two together then quickly pour the new color into the empty case. You MUST WASH THE SPOON RIGHT AWAY otherwise it will dry up fast and stick to your spoon. 


and then.. TADA!!! YOU’RE NEW CREATION!!! So cool right? Its like chemistry all over again ^_~


This here is my creation.. a mix of Clinique’s Raspberry Glace and Too Face Totally Nude!!


Introducing “Marry me B” ❤




So there you go ladies.. something new and creative to do and play with. It was actually really fun and easy to do. I’m now on a hunt to find all my loner lipsticks that never got used to its fullest potential haha. Once you find the color that matches you, you may want to just only use your customized  lip gloss than your makeup artists 🙂

This was the creation of Michelle Phan and her creativity. Thanks to her and this post.. I may just customize my lip gloss until I find something else better to do. : )

Happy Experimental,