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Gamueda/ Coburn Wedding

June 10, 2013


Dear Loves,

Back in February 24, 2013 I was asked to assist a wedding with my fellow colleagues at FLAWLESS WEDDINGS AND EVENTS. When I made my decision to come back to the wedding industry after years away from it, I met the ladies at Flawless and they took me in as an intern and allowed me to assist them at Weddings and Bridal Shows. I’m am so grateful to have met and worked with such amazing ladies as these Flawless ladies 🙂 

I would describe this wedding as a Beach Wedding with a twist. We met this bride at a local Bridal Show and if you have never been to a bridal show, I highly suggest you attend at lease 1 for experience. When you register as a Bride, you automatically enter as a contestant to win a Grand Prize. Can you guess what the Grand Prize is?..  A FULLY PAID WEDDING.. yup!! That’s right.. a FREE wedding. And this couple was the lucky couple that got it!! Lucky them right?

Their beautiful day started and ended at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach. With the ceremony outside overlooking the beach, it was certainly a beautiful sight to see. With just close friends and family, this small wedding couldn’t be any sweeter. With just sweet simple details added to the decor, this wedding was a touch down. Congratulations to the couple and may they be more in love than ever.


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Hazel & Allan Wedding

June 2, 2013


Dear Loves,

I am honored to introduce my first couple in this crazy wedding industry, Hazel and Allan. Back in early 2011, I was still in college finishing up my last few credits and to my surprise, my sister said her friends just got engaged and were planning on tying the knot in September of 2011. At that time we were all acquaintances with my sister as our mutual friend. As months flew by, my sister would update me on the progress of the couple’s wedding planning. On a random given day, she said to me, “they need help with certain things and coordinating the wedding”. I remember the first things that came out of my mouth were, ” I WANT TO HELP OUT!! I CAN HELP OUT!!” Without thinking, I volunteered myself as their Wedding Coordinator, and thus truly finding my passion from this first experience.

The Tolentino’s wedding started out at the Hilton Hotel in Long Beach CA, where both parties were getting ready and waiting for the arrival of their limo to chauffeur them to their ceremony site. Their ceremony was held at St. Cornelius Catholic Church also in Long Beach, CA. With just close friends and family, this sweet moment touched my heart in all the right places, nearly tearing me up. Just by the look on Allan’s face when the doors opened for Hazel’s walk.. absolutely priceless <3.

The reception was then held back at the Hilton Hotel where the couple was getting ready in the morning. Hazel has this love for butterflies and although she was nervous about making her wedding look and feel too school-girl like, everything turned out better than expected. She had little butterflies lying in random areas, even her table numbers had names of different butterflies making it easy for guests to locate their seats. Their centerpieces were designed with their colors (Tiffany Blue and Brown); Blue Hydrangeas hanging on Manzanita trees. Their wedding cake was also filled with blue butterflies and brown streams. Overall this wedding was such a success, a happily married couple with happy dancing companies. How perfect is that.

To my surprise, I was proud of myself for really putting everything together without any past experience. I am forever grateful for their trust in me and for allowing me to be a part of their beautiful day. We have now moved from being acquaintances to now friends .. YAY!!! Here are pictures of their lovely day taken by another good friend of ours Mariemil and Paolo of Maolo Photography. It was so great working with these photographers as they helped walk me through the process and even helped me set up when I was alone with minimal assistance. Check out their work and their eye for detail. I am forever filled with love for both couples. It’s because of them I came back to weddings after a few years of finding my calling 🙂 Enjoy these wonderful pictures.



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