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Flash Mob Proposals

January 21, 2013

Dear Loves, 

Welcome to my Wedding Blog. I’m so excited to share all things wedding with you and the world. I cant wait to start this Love journey full of ideas and imaginations with all the wedding lovers out there. Lets begin this journey with my first POST ever!!! Thanks and enjoy ❤

More and more recently, flash mobs have become the norm of proposals. The “flash”y yet sweet romantically over-the-top proposal has a way of bringing in even the biggest crowd to their feet. Normally we think, a super fancy, burn a hole through HIS wallet dinner over seeking city lights along with a billion red fully blossomed roses comes with a proposal, which is exactly what we (women) do expect and that is exactly what happens. It wasn’t too long ago when THAT WAS the original down-on-bended knee action. If it wasn’t the fancy dinner then it was a long walk on the beach (literally) watching the sunset behind them with just the ocean waves crashing the serenading the lovers. A more intimate way some would say (still really romantic). Personally I think flash mobs are the best attention grabber thus far. Who doesn’t want to watch talented singers and dancers dance in the middle of an attraction and who doesn’t want to watch a live proposal. It is a sweet more modern way of taking the attention away from the future bride for just a few minutes and back to the bride-to-be with “ohhhhh” and “awwwww”‘s from friends, family and total strangers. Not only is the couple happy but everyone else around them are happy as well. Here are a few flash mobs for you to see.

Happy Viewing ❤