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Something Blue

January 25, 2013
kate middleton's ring3

The Worlds Most Wanted Ring ❤

Isn’t she so perfect.. I’m talking about the ring 🙂 .. ok they’re both perfect 10’s … so jealous of her ring.. her life.. everything about her. Anyhow.. today’s inspiration is Something Blue..I came across this vision based on my mood today.. Its California on Jan 25, 2013 and we went from a perfect 80 degree winter to a sad rainy 60 degree not so Cali weather thus making me feel kinda blue today. So I started thinking about the royal couple.. (I’m not sure why I thought of them ~_~ but I did.. ) and the first thing that popped into my mind was the Royal Blue Ring. And of course what came after that thought was “Something Blue”. I never knew what that saying really meant let alone how it really went. So I did some research for all my brides out there who too were curious as to what that something blue signified. So that old saying goes a little something like this:

“Something Old,

Something New,

Something Borrowed,

Something Blue,

A Six Pence in Her Shoe.. “

Ok…so… what does it all mean and where did it come from?

According to, this traditional wedding phrase originates from an Old English rhyme used as a good luck charm to every bride. We always wondered what these items entitled and if they are significant to the wedding or not.. well ladies fear no more.. (and I 🙂 ) are here to save your tears.

“Something Old” represents Continuity.. as in your love will continue on and on from this day forward.

“Something New” represents Optimism for the Future.. as in may good things set forth in your futures together.

“Something Borrowed” represents Borrowed Happiness .. as in borrowing something from someone that makes them just as happy as you are the day of your wedding.

“Something Blue” represents Purity, Love and Fidelity.. well said.

and finally “A six pence in her shoe” represents good fortune and prosperity.

We often forget that phrase but somehow and for some reason we always remember Something Blue..why is that?? Perhaps its because it is easily incorporated into the wedding.. (if you wish to include it of course). Lately I’ve noticed a trend with most young brides and their creative ideas and vision. More and more brides are becoming more imaginative of their big day.. some will incorporate something blue into their flowers, others into their favors and the more daring brides are now including blue by wearing blue heels. By incorporating those blue heels into your bridal outfit and or your bridesmaids attire, it makes such a huge statement in your photographs and your wedding style alone. Traditionally we think all white from head to toe, but with a bit of imagination and dash of dare with these heels.. you’ve just taken your big day to a whole new level.

So ladies.. if you are thinking of kicking your day in high gear.. slap on those blue stillettos and paint the town red with LOVE ❤

Here are a few precious Blues I found that would absolutely go perfect with that pretty white dress of yours.

something blue (shoes)

“Something Blue” ❤

BTW ladies.. these are from DSW and Nordstroms Rack.. totally affordable 🙂

Happy Imagination and Creativity.