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February 27, 2013

escort table display

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Dear Loves,

Life just keeps throwing you surprises and more paperwork.. and then time just flies by as if there’s not enough time in day for any of us right?. Sorry for the delay again.

Anyhow, today’s inspirations comes from my Wedding Consulting Certification course I am currently attending at Cal Poly Pomona. (I think I mentioned that I was on my way to getting certified right?.. if not.. well now you know :)) The last few weeks we have been focusing on Escort Tables. If you do not know what Escort Tables are.. it is the table where your name cards are placed with seating arrangements and guest sign ins. There is always a story line or theme behind each wedding, that’s how visions and creations are made. So with each storyline, there must be a vision told to your audience. Escort tables can be a storyteller of the couple or a vision of the wedding theme. Read the rest of this entry ?