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A Minty Fresh Green Wedding

March 15, 2013
A Minty Fresh Green Wedding
A Minty Fresh Green Wedding by bchhuor featuring shoes
Dear Loves, 
Second post for the week.. crazy right?? hehe .. I’m up late trying to keep up with life outside of work.. hopefully it pays off..
Anyhow.. today’s inspiration comes from St. Patty’s Day that’s coming up. (don’t forget to wear green or risk getting pinched a few times :)) Lately I’ve been seeing a whole lot of mint green everywhere.. I first started loving mint green back in grade school.. and kids thought I was weird cause that color just wasn’t in then.. if I could go back in time and stick my tongue out at every one of them I totally would right now.. 🙂 just kidding.. 😉 but on a serious note.. I’m so happy that Mint green is now the it color in fashion, decor, and now weddings!!! When the color green comes up.. we all think its hard to match because its such a loud and bold color that whatever color scheme we try to match it with, it wouldn’t match well at all. Lets think again.. if you have a bold color, always tone it down with a softer pastel color or if worst comes to worst.. opt for the nude or taupe.. Trust me.. those colors will always be the go-to-run-to colors for a very long time.
I’m so in love with this green I can’t express to you how excited I was to make this post for you. Mint green can be used in many different ways with many neutral colors.
First off ladies.. your bridesmaid’s dresses..
Don’t be afraid to play with style.. Short mint green dresses can be seen as a 50’s dress (which is super cute) and long maxi mint green dresses.. well some styles can be pulled off by every height.. but some should stay on taller gals.. only because the color is so soft and bright that it can take away from your figure and drain you in all that mint. But play with the different styles.
You definitely want to keep the mint green to a minimal because you want to showcase all your favors and flowers.. not just the mint green.. again.. keep it simple so that you don’t take the attention away from all the other details other than the green.
Grooms and Groomsmen:
Grey Grey Grey!!!!!! Keep it as soft as possible… Black can come off too harsh that it distracts from the mint green. Grey is such an awesome color because it matches every color without making it look so loud. Bow tie it, skinny it up, or just a traditional tie will do for your charming men.
Favors and all the other good stuff:
Be creative and think of what Mint Green reminds you of..cupcakes? ice cream? mints?.. Mint Green is seen as a rustic type of theme.. almost shabby chic with just very minimal shabby in it. Play with your ideas and you’ll come up with something cute and minty 🙂
This color is best with an outdoor daytime event rather than a night time reception only because the color is so soft it wouldn’t stand out as nice in pictures at night than it would during the daytime.
So there you go ladies and gents!!!:)
Be inspired and get creative…