A Minty Fresh Green Wedding

March 15, 2013
A Minty Fresh Green Wedding
A Minty Fresh Green Wedding by bchhuor featuring shoes
Dear Loves, 
Second post for the week.. crazy right?? hehe .. I’m up late trying to keep up with life outside of work.. hopefully it pays off..
Anyhow.. today’s inspiration comes from St. Patty’s Day that’s coming up. (don’t forget to wear green or risk getting pinched a few times :)) Lately I’ve been seeing a whole lot of mint green everywhere.. I first started loving mint green back in grade school.. and kids thought I was weird cause that color just wasn’t in then.. if I could go back in time and stick my tongue out at every one of them I totally would right now.. 🙂 just kidding.. 😉 but on a serious note.. I’m so happy that Mint green is now the it color in fashion, decor, and now weddings!!! When the color green comes up.. we all think its hard to match because its such a loud and bold color that whatever color scheme we try to match it with, it wouldn’t match well at all. Lets think again.. if you have a bold color, always tone it down with a softer pastel color or if worst comes to worst.. opt for the nude or taupe.. Trust me.. those colors will always be the go-to-run-to colors for a very long time.
I’m so in love with this green I can’t express to you how excited I was to make this post for you. Mint green can be used in many different ways with many neutral colors.
First off ladies.. your bridesmaid’s dresses..
Don’t be afraid to play with style.. Short mint green dresses can be seen as a 50’s dress (which is super cute) and long maxi mint green dresses.. well some styles can be pulled off by every height.. but some should stay on taller gals.. only because the color is so soft and bright that it can take away from your figure and drain you in all that mint. But play with the different styles.
You definitely want to keep the mint green to a minimal because you want to showcase all your favors and flowers.. not just the mint green.. again.. keep it simple so that you don’t take the attention away from all the other details other than the green.
Grooms and Groomsmen:
Grey Grey Grey!!!!!! Keep it as soft as possible… Black can come off too harsh that it distracts from the mint green. Grey is such an awesome color because it matches every color without making it look so loud. Bow tie it, skinny it up, or just a traditional tie will do for your charming men.
Favors and all the other good stuff:
Be creative and think of what Mint Green reminds you of..cupcakes? ice cream? mints?.. Mint Green is seen as a rustic type of theme.. almost shabby chic with just very minimal shabby in it. Play with your ideas and you’ll come up with something cute and minty 🙂
This color is best with an outdoor daytime event rather than a night time reception only because the color is so soft it wouldn’t stand out as nice in pictures at night than it would during the daytime.
So there you go ladies and gents!!!:)
Be inspired and get creative…




Wedding Dresses Vol.2

March 13, 2013


Dear Loves, 

So I’ve been doing a ton of wedding business lately and hopefully this craziness continues. Can I just say how blessed I am to be working in an industry that I absolutely love. Creating a sketched imagination and bringing it altogether for a couples new beginning is the best gift I can give back to someone who truly trusted me with their big day.

Anyhow. this post is going to be really short with mainly just pictures. I’ve been going to bridal shows and meeting new brides and vendors and I’ve seen and came across many new ideas. The latest one that I attended was in Santa Monica on a hotel Penthouse. Such a great view to be working with. Anyhow there was a fashion show that was incorporated into the bridal show itself and these dresses were AMAZING!!! The trend at this bridal show was backless and again LACE!!!

So, here are pictures up front and personal for you to fall in love with!!!










Happy Dress up ❤




Pucker Those Lips <3

March 4, 2013

Image   Image

Dear Loves, 

Ok so today I’m doing something kinda different but still in the same subject of weddings!! It’ll be a shorter post but nonetheless a post 🙂 …

So I’m a huge fan of Michelle Phan, we all know who she is right?? If you don’t, youtube her..she made a name for her self on Youtube and became one of the biggest makeup marketers out there. Shes an amazing makeup artist who can basically transform herself into any looks she wants with just make up. Shes so amazing… you need to check out her page on youtube cause its AMAZING!!!

Anyways.. today’s inspiration comes from puckered LIPS!!  Yup.. I bet we all have makeup from last year that is used maybe a few times if not..never.. hahah.. don’t lie!! Like buying lip shades we thought we’d like and wear but end up having second thoughts about.. yeah lets play with those leftover lip sticks.

So Michelle had this brilliant idea of mixing two lipstick shades together to create something new of your own. Its a super fast, fun, and an interesting DIY project Brides can use and do for their wedding day. Especially if they are particular about their makeup.  So here are the tools you’ll need..

1.2 different lip colors

2. a spoon

3. 1 toothpick

4. any empty case (contact case works too)

I used an empty chapstick case that I just finished.

5. a lighter


Step 1: Take your toothpick and shave off an amount from both lipsticks onto the spoon like so..


Step 2: Take the lighter an melt the two colors together from below the spoon.. (not the top or you’ll burn them..)

Its pretty cool watching it melt together cause of the colors mixing together. Kinda pretty too haha:).


Step 3. Once it is completely melted, take your toothpick and mix the two together then quickly pour the new color into the empty case. You MUST WASH THE SPOON RIGHT AWAY otherwise it will dry up fast and stick to your spoon. 


and then.. TADA!!! YOU’RE NEW CREATION!!! So cool right? Its like chemistry all over again ^_~


This here is my creation.. a mix of Clinique’s Raspberry Glace and Too Face Totally Nude!!


Introducing “Marry me B” ❤




So there you go ladies.. something new and creative to do and play with. It was actually really fun and easy to do. I’m now on a hunt to find all my loner lipsticks that never got used to its fullest potential haha. Once you find the color that matches you, you may want to just only use your customized  lip gloss than your makeup artists 🙂

This was the creation of Michelle Phan and her creativity. Thanks to her and this post.. I may just customize my lip gloss until I find something else better to do. : )

Happy Experimental,




~.~ Wedding Nail Art ~.~

March 3, 2013
wedding nail0

Pinterest 🙂

Dear Loves, 

Today’s inspiration comes from FINGER NAILS!! I was watching Juno the other day and as the doctors office scene with the nerdy Asian girl came on screaming “babies have FINGER NAILS!! I laughed (that girl is so cute haha) and thought about Brides getting their nails done. Lets face it.. Nail Art is the newest and biggest trend in the fashion industry. This new trend is now being show cased by young teenagers to even A- List Celebrities.. we all want to be like those celebs right?? Back in my days.. (about 5 years ago haha) solid one colored fingers was the way to go then sooner and not one minute later did the Art of Nail become the new “Must Try- Must Have” trend.

Most Brides then and even today will opt for the traditional French Manicure with or without acrylics which is fine considering how clean and natural it appears. With such neutral/close to natural colors, this style can be used versatility in the professional world, casually and even formal setting. Photogenically speaking that particular style/trend photographs well in any and most occasions especially when it comes to those special moments.

wedding nail8


However, like today’s Fashion Trend, the attention to detail has become more critical to the more aware audience. Many young fashionista’s are stepping outside the box and daring themselves to create something bold not in their fashion but with their nails as well and to top it off.. even the A-Listers are also attending to the growing trend with crazy Nail Art.

Question is.. DO YOU DARE TO WEAR..



  Diamonds on yours Ring Fingers?

wedding nail9


Glitter above your cuticles??

wedding nail6


Diamonds all over??

wedding nail7

Over the top Finger Art?

wedding nail5


Bows? (these are actually really cute:) )

wedding nail3


Diamonds with Lace?

wedding nail2


Or maybe even Pearls?? (this is adorbs too <3)

Whichever one you choose to do.. just make sure, ladies, to always get your nails done before the big day.. You really don’t want to look back at your wedding pictures 20 years from now and realize how unattractive your nails were right?? I personally think its a great idea to step outside the box with these Nail Art ideas, who knows.. years from now, this trend may have faded thus possibly allowing generation Z to bring back the trend WE all started.

My Favorite??

wedding nail

Pinterest.. MINE.. ALL MINE!! ❤

I’m totally in love with this creation… I’m so determined to find an artist to mimic this exact design on my one finger 🙂 I love love love this look.. its all over my phone, wallpaper, laptop, my mind.. haha!! How gorgeous, pretty, sick, beautiful is that FINGER?? 🙂

BE BOLD, UNIQUE, AND DIFFERENT from the average Bride:)

Happy Nail Artistry, 




Escort Tables

February 27, 2013

escort table display

escort table display2

escort table display3

Dear Loves,

Life just keeps throwing you surprises and more paperwork.. and then time just flies by as if there’s not enough time in day for any of us right?. Sorry for the delay again.

Anyhow, today’s inspirations comes from my Wedding Consulting Certification course I am currently attending at Cal Poly Pomona. (I think I mentioned that I was on my way to getting certified right?.. if not.. well now you know :)) The last few weeks we have been focusing on Escort Tables. If you do not know what Escort Tables are.. it is the table where your name cards are placed with seating arrangements and guest sign ins. There is always a story line or theme behind each wedding, that’s how visions and creations are made. So with each storyline, there must be a vision told to your audience. Escort tables can be a storyteller of the couple or a vision of the wedding theme. Read the rest of this entry »


2013 Wedding Dress Trends <3

February 20, 2013


Dear Loves, 

Today’s inspiration is..FASHION.. and what better way to look at fashion than to stare at wedding dress all day right?? I’ve mentioned this before.. (I think I have.. ) but I work at a Event and Wedding company out in Brea, CA called Flawless Weddings and Events (awesome company to work with). Anyhow.. I just started working with them for the past 2 months and I’ve been attending bridal shows to show case our services. A few hours into these Bridal Expos, there’s always a fashion show showcasing the very latest bridal gowns. 2 weekends ago there was an expo held at the Long Beach Convention Center with about 20 different vendors working together to make big dreams come true. We were lucky to have our booth close to the stage where models walked and strutted their gowns in front of what seemed to be about 400 hundred brides and her entourages (roughly of course).

As I watched the fashion show I noticed a trend that was happening with all these gowns ..LACE and OFF WHITE GOWNS have now become the go to trends of 2013. Read the rest of this entry »


2013: Year of the Snake

February 18, 2013
2013 Chinese New Year.. Year of the Snake
2013 Chinese New Year.. Year of the Snake by bchhuor on Polyvore
Dear Loves, 
Sorry for the posting “delays”.. Life happens as you all know it 🙂
Anyhow.. today’s inspiration is… CHINESE NEW YEAR! Happy New Year to all my fellow Asians out there and to those who celebrated the day with us just because :). This year is the year of the Snake which means ” The Snake is the intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the Animal Signs. They are attractive people who take cries with ease and do not become flustered easily. They are graceful people, exciting and dark at the same time.” (more info on the Snake and other Chinese Horoscopes can be found on http://www.usbridalguide.com).
Each and every New Years Eve, my family and I will always get together for lunch and dinner with homemade goodies made by Chef mommy and Sous Chef sister. Always great food with great company and of course all the unmarried kids await for the most anticipated “RED ENVELOPE”. If you guys have no idea what this Red Envelope is, (shame on you 🙂 I kid I kid!!) the Red Envelops is a tradition passed down from ancestors to ancestors. Given by the Elders to the children in the family, each envelop represents great future, health and prosperity. It could possibly mean other things.. but from what I know that is what the Red Envelops mainly represent. Inside these envelops are, almost always, money with whatever amount the adult decides to throw in. These envelops are given to children and young adults up until either they are married or are 21 depending on what they’re parents believe in. Me.. well lets just say I’m not 21 nor am I married (not even close:(  ).. it’s a win win situation for me 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »