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Puppy L.O.V.E <3

April 9, 2013
Puppy L.O.V.E &lt;3
Puppy L.O.V.E &lt;3 by bchhuor on Polyvore
Dear Loves,
Who doesn’t need some PUPPY LOVIN??
Today’s inspiration comes from our four legged lovers, our pets!! Lately, more couples are getting each other pets as gifts and of course treating them like they are their “kids”. How cute right? So it’s really no surprise when couples think of incorporating their “kids”into their weddings.
Dress them up in tuxes, dresses, leis and any other accessories you can think of to include them into your big day.
Some couples have their pets walk down the aisles as a ring bearer alone (if they are that cooperative :)) and or as flower girls (just without the tossing of petals :)) Others will have their pets be carried or walked down the aisle by any of the parents or any additions to the entourage.
I think this is such a cute idea to include your four legged friends into your big day. It sweetens your day and ahhh’s your photo’s and crowd that much more. Here are a few pictures to fall in love with.
puppy love by Erica Stawick
puppy love by Jen Van Fleet
puppy love by Joanne Fabisiak
puppy love by Marianne Whitman
puppy love by natalie henderson
puppy love by Wedd Book
puppy love by weddingish
I don’t know about you but these pictures made me laugh and cry and ahhhh and all of the above! What do you think?? Would you include your pets into your wedding?? Comment below and let me know what your think. Feel free to include a picture of your pets under this post as well.
Happy Puppy Loving ❤




~Something New, Something Sweet~

March 27, 2013

How adorable are is this couple<3

Dear Loves..

Sorry again for the delay on these posts. I’ve been swamped with many different projects that are in the making. Anyhow.. today’s inspiration comes from my random sweet tooth splurge for something and anything sweet. And what better way to incorporate something sweet in your wedding than the wedding cake itself right?

So many brides today are stepping out of the traditional wedding ideas and jumping into a more modern outlook on their grand day. Instead of the usual 3 or 4 tier wedding cakes with flowers flowing all around the display, some brides have turned to the ideas of CAKE POPS and or CUPCAKES.  Read the rest of this entry ?


A Minty Fresh Green Wedding

March 15, 2013
A Minty Fresh Green Wedding
A Minty Fresh Green Wedding by bchhuor featuring shoes
Dear Loves, 
Second post for the week.. crazy right?? hehe .. I’m up late trying to keep up with life outside of work.. hopefully it pays off..
Anyhow.. today’s inspiration comes from St. Patty’s Day that’s coming up. (don’t forget to wear green or risk getting pinched a few times :)) Lately I’ve been seeing a whole lot of mint green everywhere.. I first started loving mint green back in grade school.. and kids thought I was weird cause that color just wasn’t in then.. if I could go back in time and stick my tongue out at every one of them I totally would right now.. 🙂 just kidding.. 😉 but on a serious note.. I’m so happy that Mint green is now the it color in fashion, decor, and now weddings!!! When the color green comes up.. we all think its hard to match because its such a loud and bold color that whatever color scheme we try to match it with, it wouldn’t match well at all. Lets think again.. if you have a bold color, always tone it down with a softer pastel color or if worst comes to worst.. opt for the nude or taupe.. Trust me.. those colors will always be the go-to-run-to colors for a very long time.
I’m so in love with this green I can’t express to you how excited I was to make this post for you. Mint green can be used in many different ways with many neutral colors.
First off ladies.. your bridesmaid’s dresses..
Don’t be afraid to play with style.. Short mint green dresses can be seen as a 50’s dress (which is super cute) and long maxi mint green dresses.. well some styles can be pulled off by every height.. but some should stay on taller gals.. only because the color is so soft and bright that it can take away from your figure and drain you in all that mint. But play with the different styles.
You definitely want to keep the mint green to a minimal because you want to showcase all your favors and flowers.. not just the mint green.. again.. keep it simple so that you don’t take the attention away from all the other details other than the green.
Grooms and Groomsmen:
Grey Grey Grey!!!!!! Keep it as soft as possible… Black can come off too harsh that it distracts from the mint green. Grey is such an awesome color because it matches every color without making it look so loud. Bow tie it, skinny it up, or just a traditional tie will do for your charming men.
Favors and all the other good stuff:
Be creative and think of what Mint Green reminds you of..cupcakes? ice cream? mints?.. Mint Green is seen as a rustic type of theme.. almost shabby chic with just very minimal shabby in it. Play with your ideas and you’ll come up with something cute and minty 🙂
This color is best with an outdoor daytime event rather than a night time reception only because the color is so soft it wouldn’t stand out as nice in pictures at night than it would during the daytime.
So there you go ladies and gents!!!:)
Be inspired and get creative…




Candlelight Romance

January 29, 2013

Candlelight Centerpiece

Dear Loves,

Happy Monday to all. It’s January 28 in Sunny California..Took the weekend off for some downtime and so should you. 🙂  Today’s inspiration comes from the Bridal Show that I worked at this weekend at the Hilton Hotel in Ontario. Some people say they would never work weekends cause that’s they’re relax, veg out days but I say, if its something worth waking up to, I’m DOWN! and this I was totally down for. Just in case you didn’t know, to all the brides who live in Southern California, once to twice a month, there is always a Bridal Show located in different Hotels or Convention Centers. If you or you know a bride who needs extra inspiration, help, or fun, come out to the Bridal Shows near you and come see whats new, gorgeous and the latest wedding trends. You also get to experience a wedding gown fashion show, free tastings and giveaways. It’s always fun to see whats going on in the wedding world with other brides just like you.

Anyways back on track… currently I am working at a Wedding/Event planning group and our booth, for some great reason, received the most compliments and votes despite how crammed the entire event was. (It was crammed in a good way of course.. brides + entourage + fashion show + 32 different booths to choose from.. go figure.. ). After talking to these brides and seeing and hearing what they were looking for, they all complimented on the centerpiece that was displayed on our table. (The photo above is the centerpiece that we created for the expo). Many brides now are leaning towards this candlelight centerpiece look/style. This creative creation alone speaks for itself.. don’t you agree??

Flashback with me for a minute..

Read the rest of this entry ?


Something Blue

January 25, 2013
kate middleton's ring3

The Worlds Most Wanted Ring ❤

Isn’t she so perfect.. I’m talking about the ring 🙂 .. ok they’re both perfect 10’s … so jealous of her ring.. her life.. everything about her. Anyhow.. today’s inspiration is Something Blue..I came across this vision based on my mood today.. Its California on Jan 25, 2013 and we went from a perfect 80 degree winter to a sad rainy 60 degree not so Cali weather thus making me feel kinda blue today. So I started thinking about the royal couple.. (I’m not sure why I thought of them ~_~ but I did.. ) and the first thing that popped into my mind was the Royal Blue Ring. And of course what came after that thought was “Something Blue”. I never knew what that saying really meant let alone how it really went. So I did some research for all my brides out there who too were curious as to what that something blue signified. So that old saying goes a little something like this:

“Something Old,

Something New,

Something Borrowed,

Something Blue,

A Six Pence in Her Shoe.. “

Ok…so… what does it all mean and where did it come from?

According to, this traditional wedding phrase originates from an Old English rhyme used as a good luck charm to every bride. We always wondered what these items entitled and if they are significant to the wedding or not.. well ladies fear no more.. (and I 🙂 ) are here to save your tears.

“Something Old” represents Continuity.. as in your love will continue on and on from this day forward.

“Something New” represents Optimism for the Future.. as in may good things set forth in your futures together.

“Something Borrowed” represents Borrowed Happiness .. as in borrowing something from someone that makes them just as happy as you are the day of your wedding.

“Something Blue” represents Purity, Love and Fidelity.. well said.

and finally “A six pence in her shoe” represents good fortune and prosperity.

We often forget that phrase but somehow and for some reason we always remember Something Blue..why is that?? Perhaps its because it is easily incorporated into the wedding.. (if you wish to include it of course). Lately I’ve noticed a trend with most young brides and their creative ideas and vision. More and more brides are becoming more imaginative of their big day.. some will incorporate something blue into their flowers, others into their favors and the more daring brides are now including blue by wearing blue heels. By incorporating those blue heels into your bridal outfit and or your bridesmaids attire, it makes such a huge statement in your photographs and your wedding style alone. Traditionally we think all white from head to toe, but with a bit of imagination and dash of dare with these heels.. you’ve just taken your big day to a whole new level.

So ladies.. if you are thinking of kicking your day in high gear.. slap on those blue stillettos and paint the town red with LOVE ❤

Here are a few precious Blues I found that would absolutely go perfect with that pretty white dress of yours.

something blue (shoes)

“Something Blue” ❤

BTW ladies.. these are from DSW and Nordstroms Rack.. totally affordable 🙂

Happy Imagination and Creativity.




Valentines Day Wedding <3

January 23, 2013
valentines wedding
valentines wedding by bchhuor featuring a a line cocktail dress

$16 –

Heathcote Ivory gift sets kit
$35 –

Dear Loves, 
Valentines day is just around the corner and what is a better way to celebrate love with yours truly?? Getting married on the same day every other couples are falling in love of course!!. Not only is it a twice the special occasion but it’s an easy anniversary to remember right?? 🙂
So today’s inspiration is a Valentines Day Wedding.. (this can also be incorporated with a Pink Themed Wedding as well) soft pink bridesmaids dress (chiffon, flowing and knee length or simply long and elegant), white and pink peonies mixed with white roses and pink hydrogenous make a perfect bouquets and or centerpieces. Don’t forget the heels.. soft to nude heels with or with out the flower (I personally think the flower on the heels makes a cute statement) and soft pink nails to top the maid off and  TA DA!! Welcome to your Valentines Day Wedding where love conquers the world today.
So ladies.. be inspired today.. look around and imagine all the possibilities that is surrounding you.
Happy Imaginations and Good Luck!



PS. Hope you enjoyed this segment of themed weddings ❤

The Thousand Cranes Wedding

January 23, 2013
A Thousand Cranes Wedding

A Thousand Cranes Wedding

Dear Loves, 

Some of us brides-to-be have always dreamed of our fairy tale weddings and others, well some of us never really thought of it until the day he fell down on his one knee and asked for your hand in marriage. Not every girl has been planning her one special day since she laid eyes on the most beautiful wedding dress at 4 years old. Some of us have ideas from minor to every detail to.. well nothing at all. Well to all my future brides out there, luckily social media has your back. There’s so much out there that can help inspire you to find the perfect theme to your wedding. Whether it’s a sweet simple picnic wedding to a traditional church wedding, not matter what your ideas are, there’s a lending hand out there for you. (hint hint: this page 🙂 )

For some odd reason, I began thinking of origami; how when I was a little girl my friends and I use to fold papers into little creations. We would write letters to each other (as if we didn’t see each other 5 days a week at school already.. we just had to write letters to each other.. yeah you know what I’m talking about ^_~ ) We use to fold money into hearts or boxes, papers into planes or balls, small squared papers into something smaller than what it already was. Then I began thinking of cranes and how to fold cranes.. and all of a sudden.. this idea of a 1000 cranes wedding hit me.

If we don’t know much about this 1000 cranes story, lets quickly unfold this folding topic. During World War II, a young Japaneses girl by the name of Sadako Sasaki was caught in the middle of history. At the age of 2, her town was bombed causing her to be exposed to radiation. Luckily she was found and saved by he mother. As years went by, her condition began to worsen and was soon diagnosed with Leukemia from the radiation. By the time she was 12, time was running short for her. Her school friends came up with the idea of her folding cranes and so this tradition begins.

In Japan, the idea of the 1000 cranes became a legend for “one’s true wish”. By folding a 1000 cranes by one person, he/she will be granted one wish and only one wish. Now traditionally, this gift is given as a newborns gift, wedding gift, housewarming gift etc. Of course like many legends, stories always change, it used to be only the person folding the cranes can grant that wish, others say if you receive it and they wish you the luck as the receiver that wish will also be granted by the gods.

Who knows what the actual rule is but the concept of  “one’s true wish” couldn’t be as perfect for a wedding theme could it? We all wish the best for the newlyweds with gifts and money, why not an actual wish from the cranes. Yes that is a LOT of folding and yes your hands will cramp up but to live happily every after with your new husband, isn’t that every girls wish?

By using your own imagination, there’s clearly so much you can do with a thousand cranes..I’m pretty sure you will not run out of cranes 🙂 By stringing them and hanging them along the walls with lights shinning from below, the silhouettes of the cranes against the curtains makes sweet romantic yet young scene in the dark. Cranes around the sweetheart table, centerpieces, the brides bouquets, flower girls hair accessories.. the imagination goes on.

So imagine on and Happy Folding and Good Luck  🙂