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Puppy L.O.V.E <3

April 9, 2013
Puppy L.O.V.E &lt;3
Puppy L.O.V.E &lt;3 by bchhuor on Polyvore
Dear Loves,
Who doesn’t need some PUPPY LOVIN??
Today’s inspiration comes from our four legged lovers, our pets!! Lately, more couples are getting each other pets as gifts and of course treating them like they are their “kids”. How cute right? So it’s really no surprise when couples think of incorporating their “kids”into their weddings.
Dress them up in tuxes, dresses, leis and any other accessories you can think of to include them into your big day.
Some couples have their pets walk down the aisles as a ring bearer alone (if they are that cooperative :)) and or as flower girls (just without the tossing of petals :)) Others will have their pets be carried or walked down the aisle by any of the parents or any additions to the entourage.
I think this is such a cute idea to include your four legged friends into your big day. It sweetens your day and ahhh’s your photo’s and crowd that much more. Here are a few pictures to fall in love with.
puppy love by Erica Stawick
puppy love by Jen Van Fleet
puppy love by Joanne Fabisiak
puppy love by Marianne Whitman
puppy love by natalie henderson
puppy love by Wedd Book
puppy love by weddingish
I don’t know about you but these pictures made me laugh and cry and ahhhh and all of the above! What do you think?? Would you include your pets into your wedding?? Comment below and let me know what your think. Feel free to include a picture of your pets under this post as well.
Happy Puppy Loving ❤




Equal rights = Equal Love

March 28, 2013
Equal rights = Equal Love
Equal rights = Equal Love by bchhuor on Polyvore
Dear Loves,
So I know I’m a bit late on this equal marriage memo that’s been spreading around all of every social media we can think of. But its never too late to still support such a cause as this right? Lets take a moment away from all the fun and creative stuff and focus on something important:
We live in a world where traditional and religious values are sacred and if it were ever crossed, a wave of judgments would instantly fill the room.  We, Americans, live in a society where we were given the right to express OUR rights and OUR speech and we are given the chance to be the voices of our governments and not the governments voices over WE THE PEOPLE.
“Marriage is the unity of a MAN and a WOMEN, not a MAN and a MAN, or a WOMAN and a WOMAN”
“Marriage… the unity of a MAN and a WOMAN .. rearing of children with in a family…”
“Divorce rate are already at its height, allowing same sex marriage would only further increase the divorce rates..”
“Gay Marriage can potentially lead to polygamous, incestuous, bestial, and other nontraditional relationships…”
The words of our government… ladies and gents.  Read the rest of this entry ?