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Spring Inspired Weddings <3

March 30, 2013
Spring Inspired Weddings
Spring Inspired Weddings by bchhuor featuring prom long dresses
Dear Loves, 
Guess what.. it’s finally SPRING TIME!! It’s only THE best season ever!!!! This is obviously my most favored season only because we get such perfect weather (SoCal love<3)  (its not too hot and not too cold), the flowers are blossoming, the sunsets at 9 🙂 , and everything is absolutely colorful! All the colors that reflect the sunshine is now in season. Everyday is a sunny day in spring.. the only down falls are spring cleaning (yuck) and of course.. spring allergies. But those are just short term downfalls. Anyhow, today’s inspiration is SPRING SEASON!!!
If you love colors and sunshine with breezy weather, this is the wedding season fit for you. Dress up your day with PASTEL color linens, PASTEL bridesmaids dresses, PASTEL colored flowers, (peonies :)), PASTEL EVERYTHING!!! Ok maybe not everything :)..if its not an Easter Themed Wedding…lets not go crazy with the PASTELS. Soft colors are definitely colors you want to go for when it comes to a spring wedding. Keep it simple by accenting your primary eye catchers like your centerpieces, favors, bridesmaids dresses, wedding cake.. whatever you want attention on the most, accent those with your primary wedding colors. Leave the rest the neutral and or white. Too much pastel will look like an Easter egg hunt rather than your wedding.
 Here are just a few PINTEREST idesas to think about..
Belle the Magazine-- spring weddings
Belle the Magazine 2-- spring weddings
 Beverly Roybal--Spring weddings spring wedding
the roche studio spring weddings
The softer the color the brighter the photo. So there you go.. my Spring Inspired Wedding board. There’s so much you can do with these colors and ideas. Make sure not to overkill it with those PASTELS though,
Happy Spring Coloring,